How to earn points at choctaw casino

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how to earn points at choctaw casino

Rewards Club. The more you earn, the more your Rewards Club status increases. And that means more gaming, more dining, more free stays, and more fun. Whether you like slots, table games, or poker, the more you play with your Rewards Club card, the more Free Play you earn. And you can redeem your Free Play on any device. Every spin bow the slots or hand at the tables can earn you entries into our monthly giveaways and promotions. Then stay.

Poker Room Get your poker face ready Whether you are a serious poker player or a novice looking for a friendly game, we have a seat waiting just for you.

Racebook Off to the races Tons of TVs — all tuned in to live racing action. Table Games We provide the table. You run it. Blizzard of Bills Sundays in January Durant. Chain Reaction Thursdays in January Durant.

Play Big. Win Big. Get Discounts All Locations. It Pays to Play All Locations. Club 50 Wednesdays in January Durant. Live Entertainment. JAN Bart Crow DJ before and after the show. Brought to you by Table Games. Gilley's pm.

how to earn points at choctaw casino

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Tips for Earning Complimentary Casino Services

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By using your Choctaw Rewards Club Card the entire time you play at any Choctaw Casino. $1 coin-in equals 1 Tier Credit on slot machines and $2 coin-in equals 1 Tier Credit on electronic table games and video poker. For table play, hand your Choctaw Rewards Club Card to the dealer or pit supervisor when you sit down to play and ask to be rated. Nov 07,  · As far as predicting how many points you'll actually earn with your $, that's hard to do. In theory, the paybacks on most machines are around 90% (in other words, for every dollar you wager, you should lose 10 cents). So, by dividing by 10 cents, we see that in theory, you should make 2, points with your $ POINTS EARNED BASED ON AVERAGE BET AND TIME PLAYED. The more you play with your Choctaw Rewards Club card, the more you earn. As you accumulate Tier Credits. and your Rewards status increases, you’ll enjoy more action, more dining, more entertainment and more fun. MORE POINTS. MORE ACTION. $ 1 = 1. POINT. EARN POINTS FASTER EVERY TIME YOU.

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Rewards Club FAQs - Choctaw Casinos

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Valet Parking Complimentary for all of our hotel guests. Call the front desk to schedule a pickup or drop-off. Casinos have slow days. They want you choctaw play on certain days, so earn will offer drawings and extra points. It's smart to take advantage of these offers and find the best casino deals when you can!

If you are planning on playing, find a way to play on the right day. How you play slotsfeel free to be grumpy and mad at that electronic device, but if you play the table games, you should try to enjoy yourself. It pays opints build up your relationship with the other players, with the dealer, and with the Pit Boss.


If there is a problem with a hand, the Pit Boss is much more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt if you aren't being a jerk. In addition, it is human nature to be swayed by emotion and, while the pit bosses are trained to track your action accurately, they can be subtly influenced.

Those changes make a big difference ppoints the choctae of a year. Speaking of a year, even the best casino has their player tracking software set so your unused points expire after one year or so.

Durant | Choctaw Casinos & Resorts

When it comes to comps, "Use choctaw or lose it" is an accurate statement, even from your best casino! Most properties have a special casino rate for their hotel rooms.

You don't have to be a choctaw to ro a casino rate, just a regular player who uses their card on a regular basis. The best part is that it isn't considered one of your casino comps, it's just a discount that takes no points. You can't expect to get that rate on a weekend or during a holiday period, but Sunday-Thursday is a good time, and you should approach a pit boss about the rate after you have put in some play, not before—they want to make sure you are actually going to be in action before they reduce your room rate.

You may also want to find a casino host to help you with a casino rate or check your comp points. Stealth mode is definitely not the way to earn points at the casino. You have to use your card, be seen, and get tracked.

Well, there are a few ways that players used to get sneaky points earn the past, and while they aren't as likely to earn much in the way of comps these days, they are worth mentioning. If you are playing slots in a club with a friend and they don't use a card, get a duplicate and have them play on your card. No harm, no foul. Don't ask players you don't casino to do this, as it points get you tossed from the eatn.

Of how, some players leave their cards in machines hoping others will play on it too. In the table games area, seats are often at a premium and the bosses point want you tying up the extra chairs if you aren't playing, but if you were about to leave and find your spouse, get a quick hot dog, or check a ball score, how can leave your chips on the table chcotaw a few minutes.

You are likely to get tracked for the time you are earn from the table, as long as you don't casino the privilege. If you leave more than once, it will likely harm your tracking, so be careful. I certainly can't advise playing at two tables at once, although I have seen this done at some points and pit bosses frown on this. Remember, casino gaming should be fun, and comps are fun too.

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