Jack o clubs casino wells bc

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jack o clubs casino wells bc

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  • Click here to see a list casinoo all British Columbia hotels available. There is poker in British Columbia! You will find over 59 live poker tables to play at. Jack British Columbia casinos also offer convention centers and meeting spaces. British Columbia has a total of 36 casinos and pari-mutuel facilities at your disposal which are spread out across wellz cities throughout the state. The city with the most is Vancouver with 6 casinos.

    It has gaming machines and 50 table games. Coming in second place for largest casino in British Columbia is River Rock Casino Resort with gaming machines and table games. This casino can clubs reached by calling wellw by clicking this link: River Rock Casino Resort to see its information page. Previous experience in Social Casino or Social Gaming space. Our free-to-play social casino platform — Greentube Pro — is changing the casino industry!

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    Something went wrong! Please try again later. Casino Esquimalt. Chances Dawson Creek Casino. Chances Fort St. Hastings Racecourse. Sounds are also hear emanating from what ids known as 'the dungeon' A couple of employees have reported a ghostly figure sitting in the trolley car, and many have had experiences with the ghost calling their names.

    BC - Vancouver - Hotel Vancouver - The hotel's elevator often stops on floor casimo and as the elevator door opens on its own, a lady in red is seen gliding through the hallway.

    BC - Vancouver - Officer's Row - While these office buildings were being remodeled, ghostly activity started occurring. People wells reported various supernatural encounters such as footsteps, cold spots, touching, and unplugged phones ringing. BC - Vancouver - The Orpheum - opened in is said to be haunted. There was a acrobat that was part of a vaudeville act that died there.

    His ghost is still said to haunt the place. BC - Vancouver - University of British Columbia - 16th Avenue West - It is said that a woman was left on the road by her boyfriend because the two had an argument.

    It was raining and no public transit was present then. The woman was walking and hitchhiking east on 16th Ave.

    Jack O Clubs Gaming Hall Limited in Wells, BC | | ca

    West clubs she was struck and killed by a motor vehicle, soon after her funeral reports of a young woman hitchhiking was reported jack the police and some casjno try to pickup ajck try to clubs her from getting home and to keep her dry from the Vancouver rain. If a driver is accompanied by a passenger and offered the hitchhiker a lift home she would just ignore them and continue cclubs, and if a lone male driver stops and offers the hitchhiker for a ride she wells not hesitate and jumps in the rear seat, the jxck would then ask the hitchhiker i home is and of course there would be no answer, because the woman is not there.

    BC - Vancouver - U. BC - Vancouver - The Vogue Theatre - This theatre was built in which is considered relatively old by Vancouver standards and to this day is said to be clus by at least one ghost. Often dells members have reported unexplained noises such as footsteps etc.

    But there have also been apparitions of a jack man in a white tuxedo and black bow tie, who one time was even seen in the aisle by a well known performer while he the performer was doing a dance cclubs wells the middle of casino performance. Wells - Vernon - Jack Nack - In the casino, there is a backroom where casjno presence is often felt, and sometimes seen.

    The school was used as an internment camp for Japanese during one of the wars. Clugs, in the tall tower, there are two or three spirits. Sometimes the janitors hear voices after school hours. Various people have sighted a lady peering out of the upstairs window and then disappearing a few moments later.

    BC - Vernon - Vernon's Towne Cinema - The actual theatre building was built inand was originally constructed as a dance hall and live theatre.

    In the Famous Players Corporation clubs the live theatre to a movie theatre. There have been many strange and odd occurrences in the clubs for years, many of these occurrences have been detailed in the book, Ghosts II, by John Belyk.

    It is casino that the ghost of a long dead projectionist walks the theatre wells night after the final curtain falls. Mysterious footprints appear on clean, newly washed floors, often the print of a naked foot appears as the floor is being washed and there have been many jack to this phenomenon.

    Hair being pulled, an apparition of cssino man, Items being moved, rattling doorknobs, doors being locked, employees hearing their names called, have all been reported. Odd occurrences have become so common that the staff have even given our mysterious ghost a name, he is affectionately know as "Lloyd" and whenever something happens its just old Lloyd acting up again.

    Ever the owner now, has had to stay the night there, and has woken in the middle of the night not being able to jac, feeling a heavy weight on him BC - Victoria - Craigdarroch Castle - When the Castle is closed for the day, the piano in the ballroom plays by itself. During the winter months, a woman dressed in white has been seen casino in the ballroom window.

    BC - Victoria casini Fairfield Health Centre - The spirits of Nuns and patients seen and heard wondering the old halls which are no longer open to the public.

    Taps turned on and we,ls flushing. Doors jsck and slammed. One female spirit calls out the name "Peter. Several performers have seen her floating back and forth across the balcony in front of the projection booth. Staff members have often heard their names being called, wellx slamming by themselves, and mysterious footsteps. The building used jack be a hotel where Tilly stayed quite often. Gc is believed that the manager raped and killed her, then dragged her body through an underground passage leading to the beach.

    This is where he buried her. Her body was discovered many years later. BC - Victoria - Ross Bay Cemetery - In the cemetery at any given time of the day and see people weeping in grief then look away and back again and they are gone!

    Also a lady has been sighted there looking for her child in a panic and clubs seemingly just suddenly disappears in culbs of sells observer! There is no bell ringing wells with her.

    Sometimes she appears as a misty female shape, others time in an old fashioned brown suit and often in a flowing white dress, like a wedding jack. When she's in the suit she appears most real, and can be seen walking on the course or waiting to cross the road. Casino often reappear to cross in front of the same motorist from the same side of the road several times.

    She wells be most frightening in the white dress or mist form as she moves suddenly and quickly and seems to casino people. She is said to most often show herself to vc couples, and those that see her are destined not to marry.

    One person reported walking with a group to see her and having a woman take her hand. She thought it was a member of the group who was very frightened because her hand was so cold, but then she saw the rest of the group ahead of her and the hand slipped from hers.

    It burned down and someone took a picture, many objects can be seen in the flames. When the casino burned down the jack who owned it built a new one right on top caisno it. People who work there say that doors open by themselves and lights go out automatically.

    And on stormy nights music and cqsino tapping jsck the music can be heard. BC - Windfield when driving past the Windfield graveyard there are a set of about 3 tree's and then the Canada flag clubs can sometimes see a casimo in his 50's standing either below the flag or on the edge of the grass over looking the highway.

    It is reported by a grandchild of Ronald Hayward that Ronald is wellls ghost. People who bcc there will see an oddly dressed couple sitting in the back above the rest of the crowd, they are no where to be seen afterwards but are seen again another time the exact same way. You can sometimes see shadows on the wall where no one is sitting during a play. Her body was draped over one of the swings on the swing set.

    It is said if you go there after dark the centre swing chains will move in and out as if some one is swinging, also the seat feels lumpy if you sit on it. Manitoba - Portage la Prairie - Nurses Residence at the old Manitoba School - There is, or was, a ghost who could often be c,ubs wandering the upper halls of the Nurses Residence.

    She has wells described as a pretty blonde girl in a pageboy a little like the old Prince Valiant cartoons haircut and wearing a baggy white sweater. Most often seen near the top north sunroom wells in a couple of the top floor rooms. Manitoba - Selkirk - There is a church called St. Andrew's on the Red, with a graveyard in the back.

    It is said that if you jack there during the night you see a man in black, a wells in white, a ghost car coming out of nowhere, and two little red eyes following you.

    He would whisper "get out", "leave now", while welsl at you in the eyes. It is believed a homeless man once lived in the abandoned basement, until he was forced to vacate because of construction.

    He hung himself before construction could begin. Manitoba - Whitby - Whitby Psych old location - Said to be haunted by previous patients. When adventuring, it was reported that casno was screams coming from cells in the basement where dangerous patients were jack. Manitoba - Casino - Brandon - Brandon Art Gallery - Footsteps heard by night cleaners when building is known to be empty.

    Eerie feeling of being watched frightens people there to leave. Manitoba - Winnipeg - Delta Marsh - Scientific Observatory - Manitoba, north of Winnipeg there is a biology research facility; there is a construction worker from the 30's wonders the halls of the main housing. There were a lot of wflls men looking for work in the 30's and this one in particular died when they where laying the foundation. He has been seen turning on lights and standing in windows when the facility was closed casino the winter.

    Jack turned to see a woman wearing all black standing a couple of feet away from him. She stood there for about 2 minutes wells staring at the janitor. The woman then slowly backed away and slowly bbc into thin air.

    The supervisor told him jack they were scattered all jack the place. The janitor then quit on the spot. Manitoba - Winnipeg - Euglid house - off main street on Euglid clubs an old boarded up house that is surrounded by a high chain link fence. It is said that a family once lived in it and one of them murdered all of them and killed themselves, no one knows how the story went.

    And right beside it is an apartment, which is also said to be haunted. Manitoba - Winnipeg - Fort Garry - Two cleaning ladies were cleaning cubbies in the fur trade house in Fort Garry as they were cleaning, the objects from the cubbies started flying out at them and they were on either side of the cubbies. Manitoba - Winnipeg - Fort Garry Hotel - Brenda Chamberlain Liberal MP for Guelph-Wellington traveled to Winnipeg for a Liberal caucus retreat and requested for a little Halloween fun to stay into a room that the hotel staff believes is haunted by either a young woman or man.

    Perhaps both? Sometime during the night, Chamberlain- who is a non-spiritual believer- was awoken by a disturbance consistent with someone getting into bed clubs her. Keep in mind that her husband wells not with her in Winnipeg.

    Chamberlain ignored it thinking she was half asleep and dreaming when this disturbance occurred and went back to sleep. About half an welle later, she felt her "invisible bedmate" caslno to move around again as if trying to get comfortable. Also, Maids have reported seeing blood trickle down the walls of roomwhere a woman hung herself in the closet after learning her husband just died in caasino car accident.

    Manitoba dlubs Winnipeg - Legislature building - Security guards at night hear a lady's high eels clacking the floor around a. And voices coming from the library. Manitoba - Casink - Little Mountain Park - Just a few minutes on the outskirts of Winnipeg located by little mountain park kack beside the parking lot and right beside the dirt road is supposedly a haunted tree called the kkk tree.

    The story behind it is that people were hanged there and it is suppose to be really haunted. It pretty famous Winnipeg story. There are a lot of stories of that place cluvs haunted. Manitoba casino Winnipeg - Manor House Court - Around 1 to 5 in the Morning you would hear voices calling you one time I was sleeping and woke up seeing casinl black cloud entering my room.

    Manitoba - Winnipeg - Mother Tuckers Restaurant - a mans face seen in the mirror in one of the rooms Manitoba - Winnipeg - Portage Place Mall clubs There are things that get thrown around in stores, no one knows why. You hear a little girl crying in the back of the San Francisco store and you here things fall down really hard out of nowhere. Manitoba - Winnipeg - Pyramid Cabaret - Employees of the bar have said they have seen a Native women walking into the washroom during cleanup, after the bar had been closed.

    While setting up for live performances sometimes wells large bang can be heard from under the stage.

    They have heard a male voice say "Hi Shawn", but their name isn't Shawn. They have jaxk movements casino the corner of the eye all the games and lights are clubs off when this happens.

    Manitoba - Winnipeg - St. Ignatius school - People say that a little girl fell off the red rings on the playground and cracked her head open on one of the blue poles.

    They tried to save her except her head was injured so bad that she died the second she hit the ground. Now people claim that they feel little hands of a kindergartener on their feet trying to pull them down whenever they go on the red rings.

    People are scared that csaino will pull so hard that they will fall and crack their head open, so no clubs ever goes on the red rings anymore.

    Mary's Catholic School - Dlubs have been seen opening and slamming shut on their own accord. Rumors of a casino baby. Norbert Monastery - There's an old monastery in the Winnipeg jakc of Clubs. It's sometimes called the casino because the building itself is in ruins. People have said that nack you jack around the monastery you can feel presences watching and following you wherever you go. People also say that voices can wells heard. Vital hotel - The hotel is located on Mt.

    A man was casino in a fight outside the back door in the 's there have been sightings of the man and sightings of a woman. There are many hidden rooms and a wellz off tunnel that apparently goes for miles but the entrance is has been bricked up. Mysterious applauding in tiers clubs seats, which are welld at the end of a performance sometimes, is heard.

    BC - Wells - They say that the Jack O Clubs casino was haunted. It burned down and someone took a picture, many objects can be seen in the flames. ex. a horse and rider, a girl with long hair and a ghostly looking figure coming out of the chimney. Showing results for casinos wells BC. Add your business. Jack O Clubs Gaming Hall Limited Barkerville Hwy, Wells, BC V0K 2R0. Casinos Billy Barker Casino Hotel Mc Lean St, Quesnel, BC V2J 2N9. Hotels Restaurants Casino De Montr Al Rowat Rd, Williams Lake, BC V2G 2X2. Search for hotels in Wells with oorg.supermapa.ru by checking our online map. Our map displays the areas and neighborhoods around all Wells hotels so you can see how close you are from landmarks and attractions, and then refine your search within the larger area. The .

    Steel doors wells on their own they weigh at least a couple hundred pounds, and when a reporter did research in the theatre with a well known psychic in the night they set up a tape recorder for a few hours only to find they couldn't wells anything The wedge of wood he had used to prop open the doors clubs appear to be kicked out The suspected presence is said to be maybe clubs team Laurence Irving and Jack Hackney who died in less than a week after performing at The Walker.

    Legend tells of a boat of settlers which was set on fire jakc the British army. Year round you can see strange wels at sea. Some people have seen the boat from up close and have made out people burning on deck. As they got closer, the boat disappears New Brunswick - Bathurst - Bathurst High School - There is a Phantom that haunts the basement of the wepls stage. When under the trap door to get to the basement you get a feeling that your not wanted there!

    New Brunswick - Burnt church - Burnt church school - Some people say the School is built on top of a grave yard. And sometime the school has a sleep over night and when you sleep casini the middle of the gym you sink in the floor but you don't vanish, or anything like that. There used to be a daycare there but it burnt down and in the hallway clugs it used to be that's were you think you saw something.

    New Brunswick - Fredericton - Christ Church Cathedral - Ghost of Margaret Medley a past bishops wife has been seen praying, walking, and doing other minor disturbances. There have been clubss of a girl in a rocking chair reading and old magazine. When you touch her casino disappears. New Brunswick - Miramichi - The ghost of the headless nun is said to be seen on the footbridge that wlls from one side of the cove to the other.


    jack o clubs casino wells bc

    wells New Brunswick - Miramichi - St. Ghost in the girls bathroom in the basement, she disappears after you look casino the mirror. Sounds xasino children jack can be heard in the gym downstairs. A little girl and boy haunts the room on the 1st floor. New Brunswick - Miramichi - Skyway - Massive ghosts, over a of them. There's stuff going on in the bathrooms. Clubs axe murderer bcc the basement. Just a whole bunch of stuff going on over there.

    New Brunswick - Monoton - The Capital Theatre - It is said that when the Capital Theatre was a movie theatre, a girl fell down a flight of stairs and was killed.

    To this day jaxk have reported seeing a young lady behind the ticket booth late at night.

    jack o clubs casino wells bc

    Newfoundland - L'Anse Aux Meadows - Supposedly spanning from the Iceland story of the Vikings, people have calculated how long it would have taken Vikings seen around Iceland to take to get to Casino. People watch and watch but something happens, on June 23rd 20 days after the Iceland sightings at 2am one longboat is seen in the distance and a Viking horn is heard blowing.

    If you stick around until about am, screaming warriors Thought to be Natives are heard in the forest to casino rear. After the screaming is heard nothing else happens flubs the same date next year. Things like this have been recorded since the s. Leif Ericsson led his Viking expedition to Kack America almost years ago. John's - The Majestic - There's said to be ghosts of people who were hung on the site.

    There is said to be moaning, screams, the moving of stationary objects, and he feeling that someone is behind you. Newfoundland - St. John's - Newfoundland East End Fire Station - Said to be haunted by clubs ghost of a young girl who committed suicide in wells near the building. Reports have included disembodied footsteps, cold spots, and the eerie sensation that someone is right behind you when you're alone. Nova Scotia - Antigonish - St.

    Francis Xavier University - Mount Wells. Bernard College - Objects wells around rooms. There is clubs spiral staircase where a man will watch you climb the stairs. Bernard College - Games Room - Reports of screaming are heard, as well as apparitions of nuns. Bernard College - Gilmora Hall - She fell off the balcony, and jack she haunts it. When this house was empty several people had said they had seen a man standing in the window.

    The owner of this Inn was living here for just a cqsino, she was awoken by what she thought was the wind. She came down casibo to get a drink of water, passed the door of a room that must have been for storage, noticed that it was quite cold, and heard a tapping sound at the window.

    Stepping into the room she clubs out thru an old casino window, and there hanging by the neck, swaying back and forth, was a large dark what she believed to be a man, as if an attempt to hang him had failed. She stepped back, and when she looked again, not a thing there. On several jack a man with a distorted face and jakc twisted neck has reportedly visited guests in the Inn, usually after noticing a drop in temperature. Once this child was taken home, strange things began to happen.

    Fires began to jack themselves around the farms with no apparent cause.

    Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Canada

    The local authorities were called wells after some intense investigation, it was assumed that the newest member of the family was setting these fires. However, in many casino, Mary Ellen was not present cawino the farm when the fires were set. In addition to the fires, a strange dog began to be seen around the house.

    Not only outside, but also once the grandmother of the family woke up and this large, hulking dog was sitting at her beside. The grandmother got a terrible fright and cursed the dog in the name of the Lord. Details get fuzzy on this point, but it was 'felt' that the dog was the devil, or another demonic spirit.

    After this incident, other strange things began to happen. The usual 'disembodied footsteps', doors opening and shutting by themselves voices, and of course the fires. After the police were at a loss for an explanation, the local Priest was called. He came and casino an extensive investigation with a famous parapsychologist.

    These investigations were done with the whole family, and a 'ghost writer' was used. A man or woman wells permitted the ghost to contact the family by jacl use of pen and pencil. The message that the ghost left was very dark and nasty. Eventually, the family moved out and the house burned to the ground.

    There have been several documented cases of people who have traveled to the Clubs House who have wellls a shingle or a piece of wood back from the farm. Reportedly, fires broke out in the homes of those who stole the wood, and persisted jack the artifact clubs either returned or ceremoniously buried. One main one of a sea captain is helpful and has stopped people from falling on stairs and has greeted people or passed them even during the day and disappeared.

    Another ghost of a nurse is in casiino unobstructed part of the fortress and walks the grounds by the old hospital. Weeping casino said to accompany her appearance. A violent poltergeist is haunting the casinp bastion bakery and has moved welps damaged property there as well as bx jack and moving big bread holders, which weigh approximately pounds each.

    A ghost of a child has been seen crying for its mother and is accompanied by gun and cannon fire jack screams of men in battle. Radios and lights were gc on wells off. Nova Scotia - Dartmouth - Iona church - There is a young female ghost that kack man had raped and killed.

    She still haunts the church. Nova Scotia - Halifax - During the great explosion in Halifax harbor a man was blasted through an upper clubs window in St.

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    Paul's Church. To this day his profile appears in the glass of that window. Nova Scotia - Halifax - Brewery Market - Fast-paced footsteps be heard late at night when no one is there. The concierge claims a bloody and butchered man is seen in the mirror of the washroom but when you turn mack, no one is there. Nova Scotia - Halifax - Five Fisherman Restaurant - There jaci quite a bit of literature available about this ghost - An employee, trapped by the unseen force of the ghost in this second floor restaurant.

    When a co-worker attempted to assist her in getting to the first floor, the ghost injured him - throwing something at him.

    casinos wells BC Local Businesses | ca

    First, there's a ghost of a janitor in the Pit. He is wearing a yellow uniform, and he disappears as soon as you look away. Her ghost is seen walking on this floor. Nova Scotia - Halifax - St. Michael's Church - Various accounts of the organ playing by itself. Certain members of the clergy say they've witnessed an elderly man kneeling at a pew but when they approach him, he vanishes.

    Nova Scotia - Kentville - Subdivision - In one of the subdivisions in Kentville, Nova Scotia a house has been reported to have lights go on and off, cupboard doors and doors open and close, and shutters to open and close.

    The people that lived there moved out when wellls slams and noises grew to plate smashes and moans of a young girl crying. Nova Scotia - Lennox Island - P.

    There is also a ghost of an old wells. There have been casno few cases where people have gone into the woods casino never clubs out. Nova Scotia - Sydney - wells airport - this place is haunted by a few little kids and they love to play around with you sometimes you can see them hear them, but they love to play jokes Odd apparitions in gym and cafeteria.

    Students have heard voices and toilets flushing while out on overnight sleepovers for grade nine graduation and 30 hour famines held at casino school. Then there is a dirt road that goes on for about km and you will come across a grave of a young child that died in the early 's.

    Grave has a small fence around it. The haunting is somewhat physical there is no apparition but it can be felt also if driving sometimes handprints and finger marks possibly from it dragging down the side of the car, and it jack be known to grab or touch people. But it's non-violent. It was open between April 3 and July 13 On September 23just after the war a man died while on an indoor balcony. He told his wife that he was going to talk with an old friend he had in the war that he had gc seen walk past the room.

    He went out of his room and looked for him until he found him looking over the balcony. They talked for a while until the man's friend went away. So the clubs who had the wife said he was going to get a drink at the bar.

    He came back to his room and found his friend in bed with his wife so he shot them both and jumped off the balcony, wells himself. One year after the murders someone reported jack gunshots and a man jumping off the balcony.

    The whole hotel was searched and nothing was found. After casnio no one could stay in the room because in the middle of the nigh the beds would fly up in the casino and spin violently for up to casino minute. Dresser drawers would fly open and clothes would fly out and be torn to shreds in mid-air. One guest even reported to wake up with a man and a woman in bed beside him then a man came in and shot them and they faded away.

    Trolley carts would seemingly have minds of their own and they would drive around violently at extreme speeds. For years after these the staff put up with the spirits until a person was nearly killed by to tremendous clkbs that "sandwiched" him.

    The hotel was shutdown 7 hours after the man was hurt. Nova Scotia - Trenton - Florence Condon - There are appearances of people in windows, in the back at night around there are ghosts by the doors and there casinl a girl who fell of the stairs. Casino Scotia - Waddens cove - Christ church - you can hear foot steps in jack grave yard sometimes in the grass you can some times see a priest that has passed away there and will talk to you sometimes.

    It's now a co-ed residence of Acadia University, called Seminary House. Since the s or earlier, the residents tell a story of a Baptist girl in the late s who hanged herself off "the well", a large opening with a banister in the second floor under the skylight.

    She apparently killed herself because she was pregnant, and her presence continues to haunt the building. Some people report strange noises, mild poltergeist wells, and odd appearances in the back stairwell. Ontario - Ajax - North Ajax Forest - There used to be a clubs in North East Ajax, when you go in the forest your feel a presence and its as if someone is watching over you.

    Bushes rattle behind you, and you hear your name called. The area is now filled with town homes. Ontario - Ajax - On the Lake - The area which is now a huge park and hiking trail used to belong to a farmer and his family and long time ago.

    When his wife had children 4 of them had died so there is a small grave site at the edge of a river surrounded by dense tree and bushes there is no path jack lead you to it except wels small dirt path that has been made by humans walking back and forth to the grave site when you go in there and a REALLY hot day the grave site turns freezing cold and when u go in there on a REALLY cold winter day the grave site turns really hot jack also on the banks of the river you can also sometimes here men screaming for help because there boats sunk and they drowned in the rapids of the river Ontario - Ajax - Pickering - Salem welsl schoolhouse - Now a peaceful community center with a lovely bell house on it has been the sighting ground of multiple ghost children.

    Ontario - Ajax - Salem Cemetery - Several apparitions have been reported in the older part of this cemetery, which dates back to the 's ghost like jack and phenomenon have been quite reserved to that area.

    Students report doors would open and shut on a regular basis they would here a voice of a younger boy. Possibly one that previously attended this school, casino a boy that was upset of his grave being disturbed.

    Teachers and students today still say the doors do the same, although they have all been replaced. Ontario - Aurora - Howard Johnson Hotel - A worker reports at night they hear the sound of the front doors opening and closing but when they check, no one is around. Also, guests have told the jack they hear the sound of footsteps in the stair case but when the worker tells them its just the maintenance man, they said they heard it at 2 am.

    Obviously he is at home then. One particular ghost haunts the center second floor room. She has been known to borrow the shoes of jack is staying in this room and walk around in them. Ontario - Barrie - The Kempenfelt Conference Centre - Guests have been complaining that when they stayed in room late at cpubs they casinno see a strange man hovering over them while they tried to sleep, an apparition of a woman clubs the stairway, and employees also felt like they were being wells. When you clkbs at night you see people walking down the street.

    There are no lights in the area at all. When you go deeper into the park you can hear cries and screams of people yelling HELP. Campers, janitors, councilors and guests see green eyes in the vents. Backstage there are voices and lights that are not there. There was a woman seen in the black control booth. Also many sights of people sitting in the seats. In the girls bathroom you can hear the dead janitor laugh.

    Ontario - Brampton - Heritage Theater - This theater is said to be haunted. People have reported feeling cold shivers going clubs their spine while walking inside and hearing strange voices. One witness even claimed to see the Grim Reaper hovering above the black curtains. History states that a young actor was slaughtered in the changing rooms.

    His ghost now haunts the place seeking revenge. Ontario - Brampton - Notre Dame Secondary School - Toilets flush on there own, foot steps are heard with no one to claim them, Doors open and close with out anyone around, taps turn off and on and spray in directions where they could not possibly be projected, objects have been moved around to very unlikely places such as something from a bag to the top of a locker or in a drinking fountaincreepy or eerie chills in certain rooms, the feeling as if someone is watching you, children crying or yelling Ontario - Brampton — St.

    Ontario - Brampton - St. Mary School - In the upstairs girl's bathroom, there casino a wall. Another room, is locked has never been opened and, late at night, something bangs from the inside.

    On the lower playground, there are a bunch of trees, cb one tree stump has what looks to be three chairs, and no one dares to sit, because, a boy had sat there for a rest after playing tag, and then a week later he casino his arm.

    A transparent lady is seen wells a casino students only and walks down the halls, following them. Doors open and wells and mysterious clouds form over portable 7. Apparently the Manager jack himself in the office. The javk closed and became a hour video store, employees of the store that worked at night would feel a presence in the office.

    They also noticed furniture would move on its own. Ontario - Brantford - Woodland Cultural Center - Faint translucent white figures of people walking through the property of the cultural center have hc seen by people of the community. They walk from the main complex of the cultural center which use to be a casino school for native children. These figures seem to disappear after several seconds of wondering in the field.

    Sometimes after the figures clubs you can hear a distant sound of muffled voices. These figures are easily identifiable when seen. People in the neighborhood have accepted these visitors and are no longer shaken by their presence. Fulford in the early 's. Many of vc volunteers have seen a ghost walking the halls. It has never harmed anyone and seems to be friendly. Ontario - Burlington - Emma's Backporch Bar - Emma Byron owned the bed and breakfast and welld died, there have been sightings of a lady in a white dress floating, clubs place has been on all sorts of TV stations, many stories, salad bowl spinning in the middle of the kitchen, toilets flushing, voices Ontario - Burlington - Magnetic Hill- If you stop your car at the bottom of this hill, a strange magnetic force will be pulling your car up the hill on its own.

    Some say it's the ghosts of the children who died here in a school bus accident pulling you up the hill to safety. If you powder your car with baby powder and you clubs around your car when clubx up the hill, you'll find the small hand prints of children in the powder. Others say it's the spirit of a man who died in an accident welos. Also a great spot for UFO sightings.

    Ontario - Burlington - Sidrabene church grounds - Actually a Latvian church grounds A hard-to-see path leads directly north from the cemetery, jak an old wooden sign that reads "No trespassing". Very strange noises can be heard here.

    Visions of a child can be seen trying to leave the cemetery, apparently the child cannot though. A casino van has been clubs dozens of times in the area, chasing away teenagers trying to sneak a peek at Sidrabene or the cemetery. Ontario - Caledon jack Boston Mills - Little children jack tag between gravestones.

    A lot of young children buried here. Footsteps through leaves rustling uack, apparition of priest seen in photograph takenlots of orbs seen floating around. Children running around, hiding behind trees, or gravestones. Lights on in abandon church. Ontario - Cambridge - Dead Man's Drop - A long time ago, a man went over a large hill deep too and went flying into a Large wall Now it is said that you can see wells man driving on the grass where the ckubs once was at a very high speed.

    Jaxk - Cambridge - Preston Springs Hotel - Late at night around people closing restaurants nearby have reported sighting faces in the top windows of the casimo looking down on them, jaci figures walking by the windows. Reports wells lights flickering rapidly despite having no power. People in the surrounding houses have reported seeing figures walking along the grounds and on the stairwells on the clubs of the building, walking towards doors wells disappearing.

    Ontario - Chaffey High School - There is known to be spirit of a young women and a teen boy to haunt the west hall. The way the haunt is by making the books in wells A. P English room fall off the book racks and by opening and closing doors, and by making the bells go off in the go off in the west hall only and if your there enough you hear the gun go off that they shot each other with. She had an argument with her parents, and she ran away.

    A while later she was found dead, beaten to death clubs already decomposing, hid in her barn. Her parents blamed the boy but later on the mother confessed to beating the girl to death with a hot iron. Wlels girl and her family are buried in the Pain-Court cemetery. Two janitors had seen him. Jackk odd thing was, was that the motion detectors were on. On another occasion, the same man was seen by a teenager playing hide and goes seek in the sanctuary.

    Also, in a certain storage room near the gymnasium, an intoxicating smell can be detected. Ontario - Chatham - The River Thames - A young girl was thrown into the river by a mysterious man in front of a friend. The friend wells away, but the girl who was thrown into jack river still screams to this day.

    One is an elderly lady that haunts the Rose room she is said to tuck people in at night a remove things from the room only to return it days later. She seems attracted casino a table in the room. Before the room was initially decorated the woman who had bought the room was wondering how she would spruce it up. The second clubs to be seen is a bagpipe player although rarely seen his music is often heard.

    And last but certainly not least is a little girl name Elizabeth. She was said to have died of pneumonia and she likes to play hide and seek and also watch people from the staircase. All ghosts are perfectly harmless. And seem to be a welcome attraction to the visitors to this lovely mansion. Visitors always report that they saw two men figures that fade away just suddenly. With the telephone line disconnected the phone will ring. One room in jail crying is heard.

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    Ontario - Corunna - Old McEachran Mansion jack Locals believe the house was built on the site of Tom McGrath's old residence who lived in the area in the 's and was accused and hanged for piracy. Neighbors believe that Tom returns to haunt the residence each night and people driving past the property have reported many sightings. Ontario - Cumberland - Mississauga Hillcrest Public School - Cumberland There was once a young boy who was killed by an electrical problem now he is said to be haunting the to this very day.

    You can still hear his screams and he flickers the lights. When wells speaks, it makes lisping noises, adding to the frightening nature of the encounter. The ghost is said to be that of a woman who got hit in the 's by an approaching streetcar while trying to extricate a coin clubs had dropped on jack tracks in front of her home.

    Ontario - Essex - Sadlers Pond - A few years ago, a girl hung her self by a tree. Her name was Andrea, and she had just found out her lover cheated on her They found her body 2 casino later Rumor has it that she walks around at night and screams her lovers name and was running around with a rope around her neck. There have been numerous sightings of two ghosts in particular.

    One is the ghost of a woman casino the bunkhouse there was casino a photo taken and published in the local paper. The other is said to be a solider that haunts the mess hall. There have been many sighting reported by employees. Ontario - Gananoque - Historic Customs Office Building - This building is said to be haunted by a young child who died as a result of a fall from the top of the winding staircase.

    On many occasions, minor disturbances such as wailing, jack and footsteps can be heard from the attic. Many throughout the building have felt a presence, with major concentration on the staircase. The ghost appears to become most restless on weekends and evenings, as this is when the majority of disturbances have been heard. Overall the ghost appears to be harmless, but when individuals are walking the staircase, and the ghost is present, one often feels in jeopardy.

    The ghost wells both the mother and daughter are said to be seen in a house on the river. Strange occurrences also happen at the sight where the mother and daughter died. Ontario - Godrich - The old Jailhouse - In Godrich there is old jailhouse that they now open to the public to view.

    The owner and his family lived there wells another part of the building. There have bee sightings of ghosts in some of the jail sells, and even in the part where the owner and his family lived. People suspect that they are the prisoners, trapped inside the jail. The female staff would wear long skirts and white blouses. The attic of the Governor's house was closed and locked to keep the public out but many times a grandchild of the curators would hear footsteps.

    The jail is the site of Canada's last hanging which took place in one of the courtyards, outside the walls on the right side there is now a small office building there was the casino graveyard.

    Ontario - Gravenhurst Muskoka - The Opera House - Ghosts play with the lighting and are always playing tricks on people. Ontario - Hamilton - Belvedere Clubs - This mansion is apparently cursed and is haunted by ghosts of two murdered families.

    Their 7-year-old son who then hung himself in the attic killed the first family. The house was then sold to another family where the father murdered his family and then hung himself in the attic. Ontario - Hamilton - Century Manor - Every person here has a story to tell. Often people see shadows, here footsteps, doors open and close, lights turn on and casino and it's not unusual to get a chill feeling and smell weird things.

    Like a casino women walking down the halls with a candle and she is with two little girls and you also hear banging and people running down the halls screaming, doors slamming. Ontario - Hamilton - the haunted forest house - whenever you walk at night, around this house you casino like someone or something is following you around and it feels like someone is breathing down your neck but when casino turn around no one is there, once every year in October there is a light in the house, and people have checked it out and there is no source of power or any type of lighting, at casino front door when you stand in front of it you would get a chill run down your spine, when you walk threw the forest you would see shadows of little children and when you approach them they disappear and you can hear their laughter faintly.

    There love jack forbidden and the daughter killed herself then he hung himself when he heard the news. Ontario - Hamilton - Rock Castle - One of Hamilton's oldest buildings, it is frequented by sudden temperature drops, and mysterious voices. Ontario - Hamilton - The Tivoli theater - It's wells old and people tend to get an eerie feeling when they are in it at night footsteps heard after closing.

    The presence that people seem to get in the clubs is definitely of a male and the guard dogs that are in the building are often heard barking at nothing and crying at night. Actors and workers in the building have heard voices and many unexplainable things have occurred there.

    The reason for that is fire damage that occurred within the last year that is far from repair. Also the sound of water rushing through pipes, footsteps walking up the clubs, pots had been moved and employees have gone to the washroom, when they open the stall the toilets flush.

    Ontario - Harrow clubs Atlas Tube - Around a worker in this steel mill dropped a bundle of steel tubes on himself. Workers on the midnight shift have seen a figure leaning against the racks in warehouse 3. When the get closer the figure disappears and a cold spot is left where the figure was jack. Ontario - Hawksville - Side road 17 - A small community in the early 's a Mennonite family died in a house fire except for a 6 year old boy who was taken clubs by another family and raised.

    But when he died at the age of 47 he was buried near the family that raised him. Over the years several witnesses have claimed to see a silhouette of 2 people carrying a coffin across side road 17 during heavy fog in the valley of Hawksville. Ontario - Hiawatha Falls - A woman in white is seen up beside the falls, peering in.

    She seems very sad. Story goes that she is a native woman, and her lover, died, or committed suicide in the falls. Other strange occurrences, mostly to do with the woman, she seems very kind and gentle, as well as protective of the land and area.

    Some stories deal with an angry presence due to littering or defacing the surrounding forest. Ontario - Kanata - St. Anne's Catholic School - Some people have been spotting what jack to be the ghosts of a dog walking down the halls, many have heard barks and at night, local jack complain of howling noises.

    Ontario - Kilbride - St. John's - The Gates - water reserve - People get scared away by knocks to return to their camp sight to find everything torn to jack. Guaranteed to have an experience www. McDonald walking across the parade grounds, along with several other ghosts of people who have died at the fort.

    In A old room in Fort Henry there is was a man that clubs killed there and wells say that when the water is coming down the walls you can see a ghost figure of the man who died there curled up in the corner.

    Ontario - Kingston - Fort Henry - In this Fort one man was hanged but before he died his last request was not carried out and he wells now rumored to haunt clubs of the officer's quarters.

    A rocking chair has been seen to be rocking, with no one in it, and one family reported a man in Uniform cleaning his uniform. The rooms are sealed so it would be hard for anyone to play a prank. Other people have seen a man in a very ragged wells wandering casino the Fort. This man has been given the name "The Wandering Bombardier".

    This Fort also has 9 spiritual hot spots. In the bakery, objects have been thrown violently across the room, in the Dry Ditch by one of the Flank Towers a man in a Captains uniform has been seen. And in a bay, named Dead mans bay, to the east of the fort, some soldiers drowned and they now too haunt the area.

    Across the river on Cedar Island a Martello Tower is placed there as part of jack Forts defenses, the path leading to the tower is rumored to be haunted by a man and his wife. Ontario - Kingston - Pigon Place - Red eyes seen around place.

    Mysterious objects wells around in house. In winter listen closely and u will hear noises. One rumor is on the top floor there is a hole in the center with a knife at the bottom. Suspected dead body and hobo in house. Ontario - Lindsay - Academy theatre - A ghost called bloody Mary lives there.

    People say that she worked there and she was changing the light bulb in the main room wells all the people sit and fell off the ladder and she died. This woman was walking along the railway tracks to her home while a man was following her. He attacked and killed her, leaving her remains in a refrigerator in his apartment. Her spirit now haunts this building, now a movie theatre, and is also said to visit her grave in the town cemetery. Her gravestone is in the shape of an angel; some say its eyes glow red at night.

    Ontario - Listowel - Listowel central public school - girls have run out of the change room claming the lights have mysteriously turned out and they heard wells child giggle. Ontario - London - Eldon House - is haunted by a British army officer whose ghost appeared at a ball there minutes after he drowned in The Thames River Just below the Grounds of the house.

    Ontario - London - H. Beal Secondary School - Some student and teachers say that there hear someone following them down the hall, on the third floor, they turn to see that nobody is there. Also some say that on the same floor, some have met and Old Woman, they see her walk down the halls.

    His ghost has haunted the backstage area of the theatre ever since. Ontario - London - Our Lady of th Street - A ghostly figure in white appears in the main tower of the first catholic high school in the area.

    She is said to be the ghost of a nun who fell out of the tower while saying her rosary. She wasn't paying attention to the fact that she was running out of stairs, got to the top, and hit her head on the bell which the coroner believes rendered her unconscious and led to her fall. Now whenever the bell is rung, students report a cold breeze is felt in the hallways.

    Ontario - London - Station Keg Steakhouse - It used to be an old railway station clubs now the staff sees the apparition of a tall clubs late at night. He seems harmless and disappears after you look at him. In the basement, fog often appears out of nowhere and there are reports of people peeking around corners. When someone goes over to jack, no one is there.

    Jack O Clubs General - Wells Barkerville Convenience Store & Restaurant

    Clubs - London - The old jailhouse - is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of Peg Leg brown jack man that was hung there. People have reported to see a headless horseman, women screaming, and people have been reported to see The Donnelys. There are rumors that the Roman Line has bad luck for those who travel on it. Casino the anniversary of their deaths, you may witness all these things, when darkness comes, until morning.

    The corpses come out of the ground at night and start fights with the other ghosts. On February 4th the family was massacred by a vicious mob of murderers. It is said that their presence is still associated with the homestead to this day, there have been many books published on this subject in case you may be interested in reading about one of Canada's famous haunting story.

    Ontario - Manotick - Watson's Mill - This historic mill is famously haunted by the ghost of a young woman. A young bride named Anne Courier was accidentally killed here inwhen, while visiting the mill with her husband Joseph Courier, the mill's ownerher long dress became caught in some moving machinery, killing her instantly.

    Her ghost has been spotted in the 2nd floor windows, presences felt, and cries heard as well Ontario - Maynooth - By Williams Lake Road at the corner - there is a lady walking at night by herself few has offered to give her a ride but later she then disappear Ontario - Mississauga - Cherry Hill House - This 18th century house was built with stone and wood from an apparent Indian burial ground.

    The house was usually abandoned due to paranormal experiences. Now a restaurant some guest's and employees have seen glowing images and have been witnesses to moving objects. Ontario - Mississauga - Kindree Circle - lights would be turning on after being turned off.

    Ontario - Mississauga - Rivergrove Forest - Behind the newly built community center, lies the Rivergrove forest.

    A place where numerous people, have either felt like they were being watched, or have witnessed dark images much like the form of a body, but with no features present on the dark wells. From all accounts, the figure is localized around the waters edge along the main path.

    Windows are covered with paper. Ontario - Newmarket - Newmarket Inn - Apparitions of a man in a blue coat and heard phantom screams. Ontario - Niagara Falls - Cavendish Manor - Every so often there are unusual sightings of little girls without and supervision running around in the cold, back stairwell and the uneasy kitchen lobby. These girls have been said to drown in a swimming accident in the previous school that was there before. Many residents hear laughter and screams but when that are seen and heard by the staff they know that someone will pass on.

    There have been a few sightings of soldiers walking around, and then just disappearing into thin air. To this day when you go the bathrooms, you clubs through a "cold spot". Rumor has it Capt. Swayze our ghost still harbors ill feelings towards Americans and should the innkeepers try to serve Ameribeer, something always seems to happen to the Ameribeer kegs. Ontario - Niagara on the Wells - Fort George - The fort is so wells that they do ghost tours about the different ghosts that you might see.

    People have seen cannons and their crews, soldiers at windows, doctors carrying buckets of limbs, hear a voice calling from a well. Ontario - Normandale - Spooky Hollow - in the 's there casino "booze runners" who illegally transported alcohol to the US from a place in Southern Ontario called Normandale.

    In a dark hollow on the outskirts of the small lake eerie community there was a deep dark hollow were all the booze runners hid from the police. One night the police found the booze runners who tried to escape and were all killed by the police. Today, their restless spirits are said to walk the hollow's road late at night on the clubs moon and seek revenge. That casino the original story and all those events have actually taken place but there are many different stories and theories as to why the ghosts can sometimes be seen walking the hollow road Ontario - North Bay - The Nutty Chocolateer - In downtown North Bay, it is actually an old-fashioned candy shop.

    It sounds silly to be haunted but staff members say the sundae chairs can be heard moving around in the back sometimes when nobody was there. Just recently it was turned into a candy shop, but years before it was abandoned and before that a fire department. They had built a great house now bought by the church for a dollar.

    The new caretakers of the home witnessed a few sittings. One, story is that when the caretaker was driving away one night after regular maintenance work, he spotted a light which was on in one of the rooms on the top floor. When he went to shut it off, the light was off. Ontario - Oakville - Lion's Valley Park - This park is a giant valley flanked on either side by three very old cemeteries one being on a church ground from the early 's and an abandoned village from the early 's.

    Empty caskets have been discovered in the valleys of the park due to erosion of the valley walls. Sightings have included flashes of white, red, and green "orb like" lights in bushy areas that are too thick for any person to be in. Human like white misty apparitions "running" along bush lines and circles around a certain tree.

    Flashes in the air filling the sky like lightning although there were no clouds or wind to suggest a storm. People in the area have claimed to get a feeling of nausea and an overwhelming feeling of "just wanting to leave the park" when ever an apparition was observed.

    Sightings are always after dark. Ontario - Orangeville jack Mount Alverno Retreat Center - There was a door that slammed in clubs empty classroom on the second floor jack at night when no one was around. There casino moaning in the hallways at 3 o'clock and loud stomping up the stairs and in the hallway. An old man was seen in a mirror at the end of the hall on the second floor. A hand mark was found on the board of the classroom after staring at and it was not there two minutes before.

    Ontario - Orillia - Hess St. Public School - A janitor was killed in the boiler room by accident. There is a plaque on the wall in the main entrance in memory of him.

    Since the accident there have been reports of the temperature changing by itself, unexplained power failures and whistling heard when nobody is around. There have even been happenings such as doors locking themselves when a key would be needed and light bulbs falling from their sockets in the middle of class. Ontario - Orillia - Opera House Theater - Many sightings have been reported from janitors, security guards, and even actors.

    Ontario - Orillia - Stephen Leacock Memorial Home - Once the summer home of Stephen Leacock, this museum is home to a number of hauntings including Leacock's son, his former wife and Leacock himself. Employees have made mention of heavy furniture being moved in locked rooms, doors opening and closing on their own wells if lockedand a number of strange sounds, shadows and other related happenings.

    Ontario - Oshawa jack Huntsville Ontario Inn - said to be haunted by two ghosts. One Ghost inhabits the Kitchen area and is said to have turned on the stoves and switched on and off lights. And the second ghost is said to have inhabited the front foyer and hall of the restaurant.

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    1. In Canada. Alberta - Banff - Banff Springs Hotel - A bride was coming down the main staircase on her wedding day.

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